Lưỡi dao xẻ tròn sắc nét Độ chính xác hiệu quả cắt cao ± 0,02mm

Thông tin cơ bản
Nguồn gốc: Trung Quốc (lục địa)
Hàng hiệu: ZHIJING
Chứng nhận: ISO 9001
Số mô hình: OD 68mm
Số lượng đặt hàng tối thiểu: 1 mảnh/miếng
Giá bán: Price is negotiable
chi tiết đóng gói: Tất cả các sản phẩm của chúng tôi được đóng gói cẩn thận. Chúng tôi sẽ chọn hộp đóng gói phù hợp ch
Điều khoản thanh toán: Thư tín dụng, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Khả năng cung cấp: 500 mảnh / miếng mỗi tháng
Điều kiện: Mới Các ngành công nghiệp áp dụng: Cửa hàng may mặc, Cửa hàng vật liệu xây dựng, Nhà máy sản xuất, Cửa hàng sửa chữa máy móc, Nhà máy t
Kiểu: Dao công nghiệp Vật chất: Hc
Giấy chứng nhận: ISO 9001 Chất liệu2: Thép cacbua vonfram, 9CrSi,
Hao mòn điện trở: Cao Độ sắc nét: 18-30N
Độ cứng: 52 ~ 68 HRC Lợi thế: Hiệu quả cắt cao hoàn hảo
Độ chính xác: ± 0,02mm Từ khóa: màng nhựa rạch giữ khí nén
Điểm nổi bật:

dao cắt tròn


dao cắt

best price plastic film slitting pneumatic knife holder cutting


1. Blanking Selecting material according the customers' request.
2. Forging Increasing the density of the material.
3. Tempering Lowering temperature for processing.
4. Finishing machining Making the material shaped
5. Inspection Checking the products if they are the same as the drawing.
6. Hardening Increasing the hardness of products and the material.
7. Annealing To incrase abrasion resistance, need to anneal thermal insulation for long time.
8. Hardening and tempering Hardening and tempering the parallel of products for processing.
9. Coarse grinding Coarse grinding the surface of products to be shaped.
10. Accurate grinding Supergrinding to incrase the precision and the parallel of products.
11. Testing Refusing the unqualified products into the market.
12. Packaging Different products, different packaging


About any other knife found in your production facility

Choose the suitable materials , knife cutting edge styles, bevel angles, edge thickness, surface micro finish, hone technique, flatness . . . . all are


critical functions that will affect the knives and blades' performance in the machines processing operations.Wether what your machine knife


challenges are that we can build a knife for you that overcomes the challenges. We have more than 30 years' experience in all types of


applications engineering, Zhijing will help you optimize your machine knife performance.

Our machines can cut virtually any shape you can imagine without expensive tooling with advanced sawing and laser cutting capabilities. We


self owned the heat treating equipments ensures the processing controlled and consistently, that the machine knives we produce will give you


the best performance available.

Whether your knives are made from steel, carbide, stellite or ceramic, we can produce with these materials. We only use the best grades of


material available, formulated to meet the stringent demands faced by today’s processing requirements. Our machine knives are easy to set up


and tune by the high precise machines.

If you’ve been frustrated by performance issues or excessive downtime with your present machine knives,contact us. All Zhijing products are


designed to address both of those requirements – we sell improved productivity and reduced downtime, and that in turn drops right to your bottom


line. Remember, when you’ve got to make the cut, Hyde blades give you cutting edge performance.

Lưỡi dao xẻ tròn sắc nét Độ chính xác hiệu quả cắt cao ± 0,02mm 0




Lưỡi dao xẻ tròn sắc nét Độ chính xác hiệu quả cắt cao ± 0,02mm 1

Lưỡi dao xẻ tròn sắc nét Độ chính xác hiệu quả cắt cao ± 0,02mm 2




             Zhijing Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is manufacturing all kinds of industrial blades, knives, seal jaw sets,


bag forming sets and accessories, that are used in packaging industry, paper industry, plastic industry, steel industry, food industry,


medical industry, tobacco industry and other industrial usages.


These parts are produced according to drawings, product samples or specially developed by our engineers. Due to the use of high quality


materials and good workmanship, we are able to realize major lifetime improvements and reduce machine downtime for our customers.


In addition, our products have short delivery times with high reliability. Off-the-shelf or customized products are available from us with the


highest quality in China. In many cases we surpass the quality, delivery time and lifespan expectations of our customers.


Lưỡi dao xẻ tròn sắc nét Độ chính xác hiệu quả cắt cao ± 0,02mm 3

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